Saturday, January 16, 2010

★Egg's birthday party again★

Monday 11th Jan 2009
At night,I had an account tuition with my lovely Eewaka^^

It is her first day join our class...

After tuition, I went to FUN OK at Cheras for Egg birthday celebration again.

Just ordered strawberry soda,because I had been ate my dinner before.

This guy..Mr.rocky.
His "shyness" made me laugh out loud.
and I really had fun with them:)

birthday cake is coming...
Not forget to wish the birthday girl once again.

Happy birthday to you...^^

After the cake-cutting session,
Snipping time!

Zefent,why your head between that couple...?==

Group picture.

Jason and Egg

Carmen and Egg

Iyen and Lip

Kenny Egg and Rico

Egg,Iyen and meeee..

I'm very sleepy now...


casine said...

哦。你也有去FUN OK噢。。那间店的股东之一是我姐姐的哦。。记得再光顾哦。。

andy20419 said...

hey friend~you're really pretty!!