Friday, March 12, 2010

★Poppy Garden★

This is suppose to be a very happy post. Let me continue my CNY weeks.

Thursday 18th Feb 1020

Dress up and make up pretty in the beautiful morning.
Gather at Alex's house before going to visit Eewaka's house.

Hello,Good morning!

Sister and Lip

Whoa...Pretty girl...^.^

Had a breakfast at "Dai zhong"I just ate a bread and egg

Wait them at there and went to Eewaka's house.

Started off!

Alex felt very paiseh..I don't know why..haha

"Eewaka's house also don't know how to go?"
Although I go to Eewaka's house many time already,geng bor??
I felt Kajang is very strange,because I not born and that place mar.
and Fish aka my mum is not in our side.haha...

Is the gambling time at her house again!haha..
Played "dan" all number add to 10 like that.
I won again!haha...
Say congratulation to me lah.

Then, visited Ali and Abu..they are so cute..^^
Who are them??

After that,moved to Alex's house and karaoke.

On the way.

A few of car car following.

Karaoke room.
About 6pm,we back home and prepared.
Let's started with night session!

Poppy night with IMP group!

I never step into Poppy before.
This is my first time I went into Poppy Garden.
So, I am very excited.haha

Eewaka and mi!

Had a dinner at "Dai Ga Lor"there first.
shared chicken rice with Ah Miao.
Suddenly,eewaka said forgot bring IC.
Yanwong ar..saman loh!a moi~

Gather at petrol and waited IMP group.

We are waiting for you...=="

Kmaey,Egg,Iyen and Eewaka

Outside the poppy.

Some candid shot and show we were having a good time.

We were busying dancing.

Another fav picha!

Get high!

Carmen,you are so cute in this pic!haha...
Everyone was getting hyper!

Vievien and Huei was hyped up and danced on the stage.
Too High!

Then,go back to our seat and take photo again.
Without alcohol for myself.

Haha,I was sleeping already...

Group pictures.
my face became half only..==sad

I don't have take so much pictures on that day.Sigh
I really had fun with them!

The End

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