Thursday, June 10, 2010

★@dd Magazin Vol.2(Behind the scenes)★

A very very late post!

This photo shooting for @dd magazine on 17th APRIL 2010.
In fact,I forgot about the photo shooting till I found those picture and I didn't blog about it before.Never mind,memories+pictures mix together,I still remember what happen about that day.Only the accuracy is not high!

Early pretty in the morning,eewaka and I headed to The curve.

Started to prepare and make up before shooting.

I spent a long time to made a curly hairstyle,because my hair is too long.almost spent within an hour.They are waiting for my sorry..

First venue:the curve's cinema.
Actually the film didn't showing at the time.We are show the expression during in the cinema.

I looks like so funny in this pictures.
Finished cinema part.Changed a new style before shooting the next venue.

After that,karaoke session at redbox.Cheer~

Yer,I didn't karaoke with my bestie for a long time.Shall we go for sing k in someday?

Eewaka and me.

The next venue,the street beside The curve.

The weather is hot!!The make up artist helped us make up ,we still maintain the best state.

Eewaka and me:)

four of us:)Jia Huang very handsome

Kmaey,Jia Huang,Junn Han,Eewaka.

Around 3pm plus ,we said goodbye to The curve.
We adjourned to Sunway prymaid quickly.
The last part,having dinner with @ddol.

Venue:Bubba Gump @Sunway PG14-17
We're waiting for hairstylist to make a dinner hairstyle.

Before started.

The hairstylist spent a long time to done my hairstyle also!

In fact,the process is very pain.Meanwhile,my hair lose a lot.
but the hairstylist said that:"明星嘛,是辛苦一点了的!"

memang sakit sangat!
We're having a fantastic supper while we're shooting.A lot of delicious in front of me.

I prefer Shrimper's Heaven,RM44.90.
I recommend to you, try it!It very delicious!

Yums yums:)

Behind the scenes!

After that,last shooting

Solo solo solo~
Behind the scenes again!

@dd magazine vol.2!Readers,please go to support our magazine!

by kmaey

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