Saturday, June 12, 2010

★Outing with buddies★

Before going out!
Saturday 22th May 2010.

Night session,Wlison a.k.a "daddy" fetch me went to Tikus's house joined my buddies.Before going to other restaurant,we discussed at house's outside.Unfortunately,Nick suddenly stepped on the dog's shit.Haiz,busuk sangat!ahaha!

After that,we moved to Nyonya (I had recommended to you at the previous post)for dinner.We're the last customers on that day.
I ordered a asak lasak for my late supper.yums yums!!

About 11pm plus,when we are enjoying our dinner,the birthday cake was coming suddenly.The waiter without informing us earlier.=="

Maozai and Me.

Group pictures.
Fuitheng,Kmaey and Tiktik

Five of us!
After that,we decided to Mcdonald at Taman Equine for second round.

Tiktik and Tikus.
Both of them very childish de lol!Buu Jiak!hahas!

We planned our Dec's travel at Port Dickson.Had a great news for us!We finally no need to take a bus and have a big different with last few years.My friends get the drive P license!I hope that I can get the P license in this year also!
Had a great night in this day!

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