Thursday, July 1, 2010

★Leyi's birthday dinner★

I so sorry for the late post again.I hope I could finish this post within an hour.
Wednesday 9th June 2010
Well,it was Leyi's 17th birthday and we celebrated it dinner at Serdang Pistop.
Leyi is a responsible girl who shows much care and concern for the friends and I really appreciated her started from last year.
Although the dinner was very simple but I just love spending my holiday with them.
some photos on that great night.

XinnYuen,Leyi,Camille and Me.

Girl's talks.

Camille and FahFung.

They are my classmates.

XinnYuen and ME.

Kmaey,Camille,Maozai and Leyi.

Maozai came here for a while and gave a present to the birthday's girl.

I looks so blur in this photo.><
Whoa,she has an angelic smile=)I likes it.

Birthday cake was coming !

We were enjoying the birthday cake.

Yums Yums♥

Group photos ♥

Anyway,may all your wishes come true ya=)I did enjoy for sure.
Happy birthday,girl.

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