Friday, July 23, 2010

★@dd magazine vol.4★

Oh my god,I missing my blog so much♥

I'm so happy that I finally get these pictures form @dd's facebook.I can't reveal any process before the magazine haven't selling at Malaysia. Now,I would like to share how's my magazine shooting on last months.Still remember that day is a school holiday.

Tuesday 22th June 2010
Well,I should reached there at 7am,so I started prepared and washed up at 5.30.Willam came my house and we go to fetch Pkay first.On the way,many interesting things was happened.I thought that KL's road seemed like the same.Although we had a GPS in the car,but our folly made us kept went to location with the wrong direction and kept around the same area.

All the models must meet at Mcdonald which located in Honglok at 7am.Make up-artists and hairstylist were helping models make up and dressed up.


I prefer this hairstylist.She is very nice and cleverness in the hair's skills.

Yong Yuan and Kah Hwang...both of them very inelegant about this behavior.haha!

After that,we started went to Taman pertanian.It took us around 1 hour 30 min plus drive from MCD to Taman Pertanian.After that,we're rent a few of bicycle for shooting.

Shooting was started!♥Go go go!

This is my bicycle=)

My face's condition was not good on that day.
Then the make-up artist put some base on my face.

♥Beh Tahan already=(

I hasn't been out riding for a long time ago.But I still very pro for bicyled.
You see,I was the first to be there!haha

The make up artist and hairstylist were waiting us in the car.
We quickly moved into the car and enjoying air-con when we got a rest for a few minutes.

We were introducing these camera from the sponsors in the magazine also.


At this part,we were riding a bicycle up and down at the hill.Repeats many many times.

I'm so tired at the moment.The sweat was pouring down on my face.

They are professional photographers.In the shooting process,they were wandering around the place to look for a nice backgrounds.

Furthermore,I was meet a new friends,Pkay and Yong Yuan.I appreciate they so much.
They are good @ddol =)Well,I hope that I culd be a good friend with her lah.

Lunch time^^

After rest for a while,started shooting again...

Forgive for my laziness to type anymore=)Goodbye♥


Anonymous said...
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Jasmine said...

the chothes u wore are prettay , are they sponsored? hipe @dd can go successfully for years! <3