Tuesday, July 6, 2010

★BBQ session@YeeTheng's house★

Saturday 12th June 2010
Saturday night's gathering of the classes 5 Lili 1 event was well attended and everyone seemed to be having fun.We planned this BBQ session for a month ago.It's great to meet up with classmates in the school holiday.

Fuitheng's mum fetch us to Yee Theng's house.So sorry about that I gave the wrong directions in the car although only in the Serdang area.I arrived there arond7.30pm.The guys were setting the fire and the girls were preparing those food.

BBQ started later.However,I didn't do anything the moment.Loh,it's a great time let's the guys shown of their gentleness.In fact,I don't like the feeling while I near the fire.Fucking hot!

Well,the photo lacks definition cause we used hp to take photos on that day.I forgot to bring the camera=="

Group photo.

Sexys pose.


XinnYuen and me.

Jinrong and me.

Baby and me.(She is a superior in account subject,my siifu=)

5 Lili 1's monitor.He is a responsible leader and easy to approach.

Huilin and me=)

kindergarten pupil lohx..haha

At the midnight,watched "The Karate Kid" with IMP group around 12.15pm.

We decided to bring Amelia go to watch movie together.
Zefent drive very fast the moment,cause we worried about the Amelia's ticket will be sold out.

This movie is very nice=)
A story about a boy who has to face his fears and how to protect himself
Even though he has no idea what he can doing. He goes with the flow. Mr. Mayagi teaches him respect, discipline, and anyone can over come their fears.

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