Saturday, July 17, 2010

★@dd Magazine vol.4★

Finally,@dd magazine vol.4 officially selling in Malaysia!
I'll post about the shooting magazine a few days later.
It's fun but very tired also on that day!
After I joined the addol,I felt that be a good model is not so easy as we expected.
However,I will try my best!

Do you interesting?
This magazine sales in any magazine bookstore.
Furthermore,you also could buy our magazine by subscribing.
More details please join the Link !!
We need as much help as we can get!
Help us keep @DD Magazine going strong for years to come!
Join Facebook to start connecting with @dd Magazine now ya ^^

Well,I was preparing to Alex's 21st birthday party!!
Must be exciting tonight!hahaxxx

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♥__love_xiiaox__♥ said...

I believe it will get a good fan results in future :)