Tuesday, July 27, 2010

★Stupidest on here★

Went for driving test today.
I'm very sad cause I was failed on the hill test.
The culprit was the stupid handbrake.I couldn't move in,it was strucked like crazy.
Am I the stupidest one here?
Well,I have to retake the driving test on next week.
Sigh,I lose my confidence now=(WTF!
I hate back to the test's place again.

Besides that,the trial exam is coming soon on September.
I still have one month before the trial exam.
I am trying to keep away my computer from my view.

I should be spend more time focus to study
I hope that I won't fail in any subject.Can I?

God bless me!

It's really terrible cause I has been waste a lot of money pay for the tuition.
RM280/per month.rm280x11=RM3080It's not a smaller value already.

So sorry that I'll not always blogging and updated already.
I must get a GREAT result in the 2010's SPM !!


Ah Zhun's Diaries. said...

Let me answer your question:
Question 1:I hope that I won't fail in any subject.Can I?
My ans is:Just remind to yourself that you can get good result,even you are no good in several trial exam.Remember,you can get flying colour result IF YOU ARE DOING MORE REVISVION ON YOUR PAST HOMEWORK!

Question 2:Am I the stupidest one here?

Aiyoo~~i fail 4 times of driving test because of that FXXKING hill before ma at age of 23 ma~Maybe i 'm more stupid than you ba..

LeBron said...

goodluck lor~~^^

ALL aboUt^^恬 said...

aza aza fighting!XD