Thursday, July 8, 2010

★Germany lost=(★

I didn't go to school today=)weewee!
Yesterday night I was watching the midnight match (Germany VS Spain)at the South City's mamak.We arrived there early because we want get a nice table.
We have very high hopes for them!
Meanwhile,we're wearing the team of Germany clothes to support the Germany!

Yup...I looks so tired in the midnight,

Team of Germany=)

Egg and Me.

All of them support Spain lohx,We choose the wrong place=(

I'm very sad for Germany,can't believe the Germany lost the match=(
I like Germany but the Spain very strong.
We can't blame anyone,because Spain defending and team work is good.
But,I can't believe and octopus can predict real stuff.
I'm not a football fan before,but this time I'm quite ganjiong about this match.
I think I'll becomes football's fan after 4years bar=)
Huhhh..I am 21 years old after 4 years later!

Nvm,I'll still supporting ♥ Klose forever

handsome guy ♥love

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