Friday, July 22, 2011

Second PNP,130611

Finally,I have got some time off for myself to update this little blog.Well,I have been extremely busy with college stuff and oo's night.Mainly,I've completely done nothing within these few weeks,a lot of  tests,coursework,presentations and oo's training make my wanna burn myself alive!3 weeks more,I am going  to have my final exam of the first semester.

This morning I have my QS(quantitative studies) test.The question is not hard at all.But I had no enough time to do!I doesnt want to fail my qs arh!I very worry about the HE.I havent start to study yet,there many many history things for me to learn.Gosh!!

Hmm...its time to update about SECOND PNP AT CANTEEN 2 FOYER.

 All the OO finalist get to intro themselves to the public.It was my first time intro myself to the public.
Some pictures about the rehearsal at canteen 2 foyer before second PNP.
We're watching finalist's performance.
My partner,SEBASTIAN.
My ankle injured before second PNP.I still remembered that I suddenly cried it out in pain during training.

13th June 2011,Monday.I dressed up for school and sat ME's est before gathered at S.W.C.
Kmaey and Sebastian.

Ree Na and ME.

Junhann and Me.
Jefferd and Kmaey.He is a handsome boy;)
I learnt how to eye contact with people and facial expressions during the training.Maintaining eye contact during intro myself is very important.If you let your eyes wander around the room,you will look like inattentive and disinterested.
The audience on that day.
Raman.The guy who know sing about the chinese song.
During Q & A.

This all about that day!!To be continue.

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