Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An afternoon trip with oo's family.(PART 1)

17th June 2011,had an afternoon trip and shooting with oo's finalists and committees at Putrajaya.So here some of the pictures behind of the scenes.Early in the morning, we gathered at Canteen 2 foyer before going.
Female finalist,hmm..Ninii was missing!!
Joann and Me.
We took about one and half hour to go by Tarc's bus.Many oo's finalists surprised as we approached at Putrajaya because it was indeed a nice scenery for us to shoot.

First location-Near the river.couple shoot with partner;)Yea,I am the one blessed lady because I has two fantastic partner!Due to F4 (Junhann's partner) has dropped out in the middle of the training because some reason,so they decided let me became Junhann's partner also.
OO's couple poses. 
OO'S Committees and PD,2011
Reena,Ninii and Kmaey.
We adjourned some place to take picture.Putrajaya is a nice place to visit and shoot,beautiful scenery around the town.There was so much greenery also.It was a nice change,no crowded streets and traffic jam.Because of a lot of pictures,I was using Iphone apps(相格,download from app store) to combine into one picture.

Lunch time at Lake Garden Cafe.Thanks for them sponsor our lunch on that day.
Its time to stop at here.I separated the day into two post better of me to read about it.I spent 2 hours only complete half of that day.To be continue........

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