Tuesday, October 6, 2009

★Final exams getting closer★

Now,my school start new holidays again again until next Wednesday.
PMR need a lot of class to conduct of examinaitions,cause we no need to schoolSo many days for me relax and revision.But,after holidays will start the final exams.Haiz,time really like just a blink of an eye.From 4's life gonna an end.

If I haven't forgot,these photo shoot on Tuesday-29 Sept 09
Egg move on to my class and gossip with us.We don't go to change sport suit.

I really very busy to revison.But,I don't know y my hand still keep on sms to someone.
Neh,Egg want make this one.she said very beauty.Haha.

I have forgotten everything done on Wednesday 30 September 09
So,Can I skip this Part?

Thursday 1 September 2009
My classmates situation were getting tension about the final exams
I felt very fear,because many many subject I still "一窍不通"
I was very sleepy while doing the exercise.Ya.I really don't why.

After tuition,We early to celebrate the Moon-cake festival because this Saturday we didn't at home.WE bought KFC and my mum cook Fried rice noodle.

So,that' all about last week post.

Tomorrow is a big exams for PMR students right?
Wish all the best in your exams :)

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