Thursday, October 29, 2009

★Nothing ★

I don't really feel like blogging recently.
My blog became very boring.because my life just very ordinary recently.

Actually this few days,I have to fully use my time to study hard for my add maths and maths

Add maths exam yesterday!
Shit!Last minute I just found that I forgot to bring calculate.
I quickly went to lent from Mr.Liew.
I was did a lot of revision and review.
But still can't do those questions.damn tough!
I just squeeze whatever a sohai answer I can figure it out!
just try not to let it blank~

Maths paper done in this morning~
This paper is okay lah,better than add maths luh^^
Nonsense,of course lah XD

BM paper 2 tomorrow.
don't know what can I revision.

just revision about "Bukit Kepong" nilai and pengajaran

See,everyone have to fight for the final exam.

my classmates situation was very tension.
but some friends still played her hand phone
including me ^^

My seat..
Just FIVE days left!We all will be free...
But,why my feelings that don't want to end in this years are getting more and more?

My right eye still haven't heal...Haiz...

Without wear lenses,looks like so~~

My eyes,wish you can quick recovery..
After exam,I got many planning lah~
I want make up
,but I can't


w.yuan said...

i still got 1week to finish my exam....
holiday planned...i dont have lah...haha....
take care ah....

Anonymous said...

You look very nice even without make up..