Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hurry!Hurry! Hello,I'm back to blog again.
Tomorrow are having Sivik exam and PJK exam.

Two also not important subjects.I just ignore it!
It blink of eyes the exam already past
After tomorrow,will be have little planning...

Haha,I want a lot of time to sleep and relax.
but my eyes,1 month ago,still haven't heal.

my eyes were bloodshot from if I wear lenses in less than an hour.

Why do you want fight with me??


Carlisle said...

you should try a different lens and lens cleanser.
take a rest and don't wear it for at least a month.
Eye's important.

Anonymous said...

u should go to c eye specialist lo....eye damn important 4 us de...take care~~

AhFeng said...

Our eyes is important in our LIFE~~~so HURRY go see eye specialist!!!Take care~~~