Thursday, November 12, 2009

★Movie day★

Wednesday 4 Nov 2009
Well,this is a long lost's just a normal outing with my buddies.
We went to Jusco after school,to celebrated exam is over^^
Had a lunch at nonsense with them.

Then caught movie--Poker King.Movie started at 3pm until 5pm.

This movie is too funny^^
 古天乐 is my bro lah...very handsome^^

Thursday 5 Nov 2009
I went out with Loon this day.Erm,all is okay..
nothing special things occur.
can I skip this part?


駱雲 said...

hi ~ i'm new visitor ^^ 1st time come your blog.

the Poker King nice or not? Before I hope to watch too, but my friend said not really nice, so they don't want watch it, until now i haven't watch it yet T.T

You have a good looking. Your photos so nice...

w.yuan said...

啊哈~Poker King...i gonna go watch too,with friends...and 2012 also...
take care~

sydney said...

woo poker king~ i wish sum1 can acc me to watch tis movie too..
yaya 古天乐 is handsome~ i like the movie he acted with jackie chan '宝贝计划'~