Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Finally,final exam is over.I'm kinda excited!
after this exam,I can fly like a bird!Hoho
upload some picture about during the exam as a memory first.

Now,my live a life of ease,damn freedom!

But,I felt this final exam is fucking tough.many subject were not good
BM test today is failed out.
Ya,I'm first time failed this subject.paper 2 just get 29/110
Hmm..rather depressed,because I admit I had study hard before.
Fortunately,teacher help me add scores to 40 marks,I just can pass it..

History,my nightmare:)
failed it also,I don't care EH EH EH EH~


I'm VaiN said...

haha~i wonder how you take those photo without teacher's concern~:P

Carlisle said...

Yes! Exam;'s gone!!!
Whoo hoo~

sydney said...

congratez to u tat exam is over =D
i failed my sj too, lol i hate sj!

w.yuan said...

my exam also finish already...
can fly like bird now...
your eyes feel good already?