Sunday, November 29, 2009

★Good bye!★

My dear friends,Do you miss me?

I think my blog was abandoned in limbo already..
Ya,I haven't update for a long time,because no interesting post in my life recently.

Today is my last day work in a COFFEE AND TEA.
I will change to other work start on 1st Dec-Tuesday.
Actually I not willing to leave this job,
because I have learn a lot from this job, including on the job training and I just realized a new partner,but I not satisfied with the small salary.
This salary really not enough to let me use..hehe

He came and fetch me back after knock off recently.

Lady Gaga-Bad Romance!Great!!
This Mv and song is very awesome!

Omg,really fake eyes!likes a doll..XD
All her music very catchy and cool,I love it!

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