Tuesday, November 17, 2009

★Cameron highlands tour★

without wear lens...my eyes still can't to wear lens==
Hello,here is my late update for my Cameron highlands trip.

Saturday 7 Nov 2009
We woke up around 7pm and started to dressed up.

Gather at restaurant before going and had our breakfast first.

After everyone are ready,and off me go!

On the road~

my seat,wahaha,many things loh~

Wah,we were enjoying the cool breeze and fresh air blew in from the open window.

Those boiz used this and says Hi to other diver..too funny..

spend 5 hours finally arrived destination.
Firstly,We went to strawberry farm.

Nice group shoot ^^

After that,we went to apartment and put down the traveling bags then headed to had our brunch.

Unlucky,all plans had to be cancel because of bad weather,ended up back to apartment.
This apartment is 2 floors and can admit 18 people i think.just a simple but very cheap!

and have a nice scenery..

==My sister boy friend~

I still keep on sms to him~

so cute==

I took a short nap.Damn tiring!

Night time,they started to prepared dinner steamboat.

However,I played the poker alone==lazy to help XD
They bought a plenty of delicious food..it really too much lah!

Around 8pm,we started to eat and watched TV to spent our time.

Then,we wandered on night market.

Many travel bus block the traffic and the road too narrow cause traffic jam!damn it!

long time I never been here,this market still haven't change...

Suddenly,it was heavy rain again!
We scurried for shelter and We were soaked!

Damn cool!Very disappointed lah!

We have to back apartment and bath.

Then,we sat on the sofa and chatting in the living room.

We watched the video about in this morning!director by Zefent!

Too funny!I couldn't stop laughing!

My seat~

We drunk some alcoholic drinks.

Those boys started fooling around there!



Although Kenny yap without drink any alcoholic,but he drunk almost 5 cans of 100plus!
he was quite incoherent and poured out his worried to us.

We became his audience!Haha!

Obviously,100plus also got alcohol lah!

Go to bed around 3am.

first day~


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wow ... this post lots of photos.

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