Tuesday, November 24, 2009

★busy busy busy★


I fine!Recently,I work as usual.
Unconsciously,I had been work at here for a week.My supervisor called Serena,she is very friendly to people and employee.She taught me about customers service and manner by patiently almost everyday.I learn from this work a lot of knowledge,let me know social work is not easy.

If without customers,here also not allowed us sit down to rest,because this is a rule.
Everyday almost must stood around 8 hours,really beh tahan!

Besides that, I often go to find my buddy when I break time.
Called Yuwen,my best friend in primary school.
She was become very thin and beauty ,but her character remained unchanged,still very insane..
I miss my buddies so much!!I want shopping!!but not free recently==

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Anonymous said...

Hi.No offence but if you improve your English and grammar a bit, I'm sure all guys will find you more attractive. Don't let it affect your beauty which is almost perfect!Good luck =)