Saturday, November 14, 2009

★Karaoke session★

without wear lens,haiz..
Friday 6 Nov 2009
Didn't go to school today.
Heading to Balakong Jusco about 12pm for karaoke with my buddies AGAIN.

Eewaka most early reach there.

long time no meet Eewaka already,i miss her deeply lah!

Well,there are 7 for us went to Green box at Jusco.

Started at 1pm until 4pm.

We given are small room I think just admit only 5 people.too narrow!

Then,I complained that room was too small.

Well,waiter help us move to other room.Ya,I'm satisfied!

After karaoke,We headed to gasonline to had our dinner.

Before that,I had a dinner at KFC to spent our time,because it still early..
chit-chat at there.Suddenly,someone was cry.[aiyor,shy shy loh]

Around 7pm,walked to gasonline.
We still chit-chat and non-stop.
Totally,we have been chatting form 5pm until 10pm.

Talk a lot of nonsense.haha.

It was a nice day^^


Next post is about Cameron highlands for 2 days 1 night.

It was a nice trip.

Please waiting by patiently.

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qqrika said...

hallo.. what a boring sunday.. passby to leave some comment @.@

u still look good without lens.. dont worry ^-^

nice 1 can go sing wit buddies..when got chance go sing wit you gals neh.. haha..