Saturday, November 21, 2009

★movie day★

old photo.

Friday 13 Nov 2009

Is the last day of high school for Form4.
My form 5 friends,I hope you never forget our friendship.

Good luck for you SPM!

After school,I hang out with my gang but just eewaka didn't attend .

We watched phobia.

I'm very regret to watched this movie,because this storyline about some sanguinary and scary.

Ended up around 6pm.

After that,egg accompanied me went to interview part time job.

I'm lucky!The supervisor has accepted me.
started to work on Saturday(14th nov)

Yap,I work at this shop.
not real sell coffee and tea lah~
this shop sells tops,bottoms or accessories
Then,We walked to gasonline and yumcha.
just both of us.damn bored!

It's already the November of this year.It seems so fast time has passed.


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