Wednesday, October 7, 2009

★Happy mooncake festival★

Friday 2 October 2009
After school,I went to hair salon with Xinn Yuen.
I just fringe of hair cut short and straightening across the forehead only,because really too long.My hair is without a hairstyles already.
Honestly,I was nearly 10 months without entered a salon.Is true.
I've had lot of girls tell me to cut my hair because I had a lot of bad hair
But,I really very love my long hair ya!
However, if I think the fringe is too long,i will take a little more off it lah..

After that,around 6.00pm I went to Wei lin house and started prepared all things
Actually,I am a good girl,I'm earliest reached there and helped Weilin.Lohx.

Barbecue started at 8.00pm.I was damn hungry.Those chicken wings very delicious.

Pan Pan ate a lot!His appetite was very "sei li"
After that,I played lanterns alone.Very nice right?SO romantic!^^XD

I bought myself and played alone.nobody want participate with me><"

Mickey,Weilin,Yleng and me

A Yang,U noe very erm~~

My real name called Kaamay.
This group of cup no easy to shoot de loh~

These two boys very busy~haha

THAT'S ALL.Happy day^^

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Anonymous said...

ya.. i think ur hair very long but very suited u.. coz u look so elegent and pretty.. so ur long hair is suitable for u...
haha.. i also love ur long hair...
and long strengh hair with layer can do many hair style... can make it curly then change back..
so.. i love strengh hair!! ^^