Sunday, October 4, 2009

★The death after tomorrow★

Yup,my school arisen in Taiwan new report.
This news about volunteers collected donations for flood victims in Taiwan at my school
If you look carefully,maybe you can see"him"also on camera.
In this year,our school about the school violence,gambling and truancy everything was on the press.That time,my school suddenly became very famous,but the school declined an honorary.However, my school's behavior finally can report some good news at Taiwan.

Why do I see the news?it is because classmates and I went to listen the lectures on Friday.They play a video Taiwan's August 8 flood and shown to us.I felt many people silent after seeing the disaster damage,including me lah.Ya,those victims really very "qi liang".Before ending,volunteers then lead us in a prayer for the flood victims.

Recently,I thinks the earth's future is bleak if the developed nations do not enough to stop the pollution.It is a serious threat to human life.Not enough space to enable us to live if the ice caps will melt and causing islands areas to disappearNations must cooperate to stop pollution.Otherwise,I think that "2o12"movie about the earth is doomed,it does not surprising that may become true.

A little show of love can make a big difference in people's lives.

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Carlisle said...

Day and weather is changing, though I didn't believe much in predictions, but the Mayan did somehow made similiar predictions that accordingly will later lead to the End of World.

2012, it written.