Sunday, August 15, 2010

★Outing with my loves★

Its been long since the last outing with my ji mui.But now we can hang out almost any time and any where.The main reason is we all are get the P license(excluding Yleng and Yujing)!Teeheee!

Wednesday 28th July 2010
Egg came to my house first after school to get ready.I just did some make up with eyeliner.My hairstyle is too jiakshai,so i always ignore it.After an hour,Sharn came and fetch we go to The Mines.

Egg and me=D
Took picture at toilet before met up Micky them.We had MCD for the late lunch.


I was busying for online facebook.
After Micky them went to bought somethings,seven for us stayed and camwhore.I like Fuitheng's camera sooo much!!

Kmaey,Egg,Fish and Yleng.

Meikei,Jessie and Fish.

Egg and me=)

Egg and me again!
Has a great time to let us keep up the frienship.We didn't shopping but we still without realizing it was already 5.30pm.Time passes so fast!

Group pictures ♥

Meikei,Weilin,Yujing,Jessie,Micky,Ylenh,Egg,Sharn,Kmaey and Maozai.
my loves.
(we always stick together during the school)

Yleng and me.

The end.

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