Wednesday, August 4, 2010

★Shaoyer's Birthday party★

That is on the 17th of July.Celebrated Shaoyer's birthday party at Mewah club,Kajang.
After home tuition,Eewaka fetch me went to her house prepared and made up first.At the same time,4 of cars was gathered at outside her house and followed her car to Mewah Club.

Look at them,they were busy with their topic,Alex's birthday party on the next day.

I was so hungry and ordered Mushroom chicken for my dinner.The sky was overcast when I enjoyed my dinner.I became rather worried.

My sweet babe ♥

Shaoyer Kmaey Eewaka and Egg.Look at SHaoyer,he has a moon face.

By the time the cake was coming ,rain was sad!

Happy birthday to you~happy birthday to you~~

Happy birthday to you,Shaoyer ♥

The rain became bigger and bigger.We quickly took shelter under the roof and ate the birthday cake.The second round has been cancel and we back Serdang around 12am.♥

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