Saturday, August 7, 2010

★Alex's birthday party★

I'm trying to keep this blog alive if I can.I will be on hiatus starting trial exam of September,its important for my future.Argggh!!damn ganjiong already.I planned go to class tambahan on tomorrow .However,all of them ffk in the last minutes lorh!Big sigh lorh!

Back to my topic first.Alex's 21st birthday party.♥Saturday,18th July of 2010

The theme was in a 70's look.Well,I just find out my clothe look so dated in my wardrobe.By the time,I wear a hand band and some accessories for my 1970's look.

About 7.30pm,Eewaka came and fetch me straight away to Alex's house.Had my dinner first because I was very hungry at moment.Their food was surprisingly tasty!yums yums!At the same time,more and more people arrived one after another.

Alex and us.

Eewaka and me

Frankly,I was annoyed with my hair bang for a long time.Sigh again!

We went to Alex's room chilling after finished our dinner.The guys were dressing up back to 70's look.We gathered at the small toilet and prepared. I can't stop laughing when I was visited these pictures again.hahas!You can imagine how funny in the scene.

Hellooo ;)
Shaoyer's before and after.

Yeong kept changed his hair style at moment.I believed that he must prefer 70's look lorh!

Besides that,we made birthday card(IMP GROUP) for Alex.

sei sifat!

OMG!!Shaoyer shows his cleavage!!I was almost vomit at the moment when I took this picture!

Shao,Yeong and me.

Jason and me.

Iyen and me=)

Kmaey Shaoyer and Rocky.

Egg,Kmaey and Eewaka.

Three beauty girls

The girls=)
After finished the 70's looks,of cuz no forgot took a lot of photos with a random.

Yeong act youkzi in these picha !omg...

Birthday cake was coming!!They force him to drink the susu in that child bottle while they kept said to him"大个仔咯~断奶噜!"

Alex and his girlfriend.I admire his girlfriend so much.She looks like gorgeous!

Took a group photo.

Yahoo!The party was started!
Don't stop make it pop,DJ pop my speaker out!
They dance on the floor including their relatives.DJ was played about 1970s music.The most exciting people of course is the uncle and auntie.

Suddenly,had a big Micky mouse came to the dance floor.It's a Alex's sister fiance made a propose to her sister.It totally brought up the touching feel.

Both of them shown her happy smile at the moment:)

The group pictures with the Micky mouse.

Took a group pictures before end the wonderful party.

These will be the best memories for me.Lastly,I wanna said one more time to Alex.
Happy birthday to you!.Finally you could legally able to do anything.Be a real man loh!Last but not least,wish for happiness forever to you!The end

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Drew Watts said...

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