Wednesday, April 7, 2010

★Genting trip-with classmates★

Yeah,Finally get all the picture about the genting Trip from Rui Yao's camera.

I was preparing this trip about 2 months ago,
booking hotel,buy bus ticket,collect money and...
Preparing all things by myself is not easy
Thank to my classmates for you cooperation.
If anythings let you do not satisfied,so sorry ya!

This few months,I has been went to Genting many times already,
but every time also different friends with different feeling.
This time I went to genting with my 5 Lili 1 classmates.
The purpose for this trip is taken photos for school magazine.
30 person joined this trip.

Thursday 18th Mar 2010
I woke up super early that day and do my lady things.
Gather at Serdang KTM before going to KL Sentral.
Maozai was late!like tortoise lohx!haha
Reached the Kl Sentral,had a breakfast at MCD.

Ruiyao,FahFung,HuiMing,and Me(my classmates)

XinnYuen Me Maozai.(my deskmate )
We took a morning bus up to Genting from KL Sentral!

Finally,we are nearly there.

Maozai and Me
We went to Theme park hotel and check in first.

Kmaey and WenNy.

We left our bags at hotel and let's go outdoor theme park!
Some pictures taken at there.

played the spinner
Next round,cyclone!!

Jingrong,Jeremy,Enrong,Kmaey and XinnYuen.

Many people on that day.waiting around 30 min=="

Ruiyao and Me.

After that,moved to pirate ship

Haha,macam "da gai jie" in this picture lohx...haha
Afterword,played the crockcrew.

First time played this is fun!


FahFung and Ruiyao..two cute girls..haha

just left 9 of us,
other people without join us><" In the evening,back to hotel for a while.
bath and cool..


bus long right?

Niannian and me~
Night session,down to "Mushroom garden"at had our supper.

Waiting a bus come and fetch us..

Leyi and me~

In the van.

After that,we were loitering around the first world.
Actually,we separated into many group and went to different places.

Midnight,Ruiyao and Fah Fung them back hotel and rest early.
just left maozai,XinnYuen,Enrong,Jeremy and me chilled at MCD.
We chit-chat a lot at that night.
I can't think of us tonight chit-chat with our monitor til midnight.

we getting closer and closer^^
My monitor is very smart and handsome..XD

Back hotel around 4am...

spend 3 hours just wrote about one day only...
damn tried!!
Well,stop at here first ya!
I go to bath luhx...
Good bye!

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ShaunLee said...

Nice kmaey pic ^^ u is studying sk now rite??