Sunday, April 11, 2010

★Farewell party-SMK SK's principal★

Tuesday 30th Mar 2010
My school has organized a farewell party for Cik Loh Sow Meng.

High school schoolmistress in SMK Seri Kembangan.
She was the principal for twenty years ago.
The farewell party assembly was held in the hell.

In the beautiful morning,we're moved to car park first.

We're waited and followed the instructions by the teacher.

All Lili's students were sat on the canteen.

Daisi students sat on the hall's floor.
However,Mawar and kekwa students back to their class.
because the place fulled already.

Farewell party started.

The whole students stand up to welcome our principle.(clapsss...)

After that,teachers and ???(I dunnoe who are them) gave a speech.
The students had many performances for her also.

SMK SK's band...

Then,every teacher joined in the chorus.

XinnYuen,NianNian and Chin Hong babe.

My principal,she is a petite woman.

Encik.Teh very smart loh!!

Yleng and Me!

Yleng and me,my buddy also^^

I felt that Cik.Low didn't power in SMK Seri Kembangan.
Students never obey his instructions,
When she is on the stage of speech, students must be very noisy.
Lazy to talk so much..

Anyway,goodbye!Cik Low.


ShaunLee said...

Cik low is a boy?? using "his" ??

Jeddy said...

finally she gone ..