Thursday, April 1, 2010

★RIco's birthday★


Saturday 13th Mar 2010

Rico Birthday party!
Celebrated at Nihon Kai,Japan restaurant.
Reached there around 8pm inch.

Ordering food.

Rico and her boyfriend.
We booked two room and open the door become one room only.

Sister and I.

Egg, Carmen and Me.

What a coincidence!
All girls were wearing a black clothes without any plan in this day.
Haha!A black gang,and Lip is "Dai gor!"

Kmaey,simple make up today.

Iyen and Lip.
Firstly,filled my stomach with food.
I didn't ordered japan food,cause I dislike Japan taste.
just ordered a fried rice.
However,I'm regret when I saw they were enjoyed their food,looks like delicious.

Huei became a waiter,Teehee...^^
After finished our dinner,chit-chat for a while.

Rocky and Huei.

U carmen.

Mama style.

Birthday cake was coming!

Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you~~

Make a wish.

The girls.

and the guys.

Group picture.

Before back home,saw this at the toilet.

Back home luhx..
Had a yumcha session at Steven's corner.

Lastly,said one more time again..
Rico,Happy Birthday ya!

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