Thursday, April 29, 2010

★Bad mood★

I'm moody today at school.Had a teacher(Pn.parames) catch me about my brown color of hair.She was blame me in front of students and teacher.Complaints about my socks is too short,my shoes is very fashion,wear contract lens at school,my finger nails is too long and so on.Then I explained my hair never dyed,just it has been broken before.However,she didn't accept my explanations and said me had a lot of excuse.

After that,I was quarrel with her,she took me aside and told the discipline teacher.Assembly dismissed,I followed the discipline teacher and stepped into discipline's office.I talked a lot with the teacher.She finally accept my explanations.She wrote a letter to the Pn.parames.In the end,the saman just wrote down about"kasut yang tidak sesuai."and tolak three point.

Suddenly,Pn.Florence asked the teacher:"Wat happen for her?She is a good girl in the class."She lightly touched my hair and talked with the teacher.I was touching and crying in this moment.The reason not because I was afraid,just because this teacher is very care me.She is always treat and concern me as her daughter.

Thank to my beloved teacher,Puan.Florence.I love you so much


XZ said...

ooo~ my friend saw you crying in the staff room, actually our school...just catch skirts, hair, finger nails...

they should go catch those smoking, ponteng, fighthing ones, why care about those "small things" lo~

anyone....felt bad for u~

Sydney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sydney said...

I agree with u, XZ

Kmaey, you're so lucky to have a teacher who cares for u. =)

Anonymous said...

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