Friday, April 9, 2010

★Genting trip-last day★

Friday 19th Mar 2010
Next day,I woke up super early,because ChinHong's sound very noisy..

Taken by Chinhong babe.haha

This girl memang macam Pig lohx...
After that,packed my stuff and make up simple.

Yanwong~~~this not my room ar..

A long queue had formed at toilet out side lohx..haha

After that,chit-chat and had ate maggie before check out.

Behind had a ghost.haha~~
Self-shoot at the bed.

XinnYuen and Me.
Check out.


Checked out and they keep their luggage at Theme Park Hotel..(expect maozai and me)


Then,we walked to First world.

Then,we separated into many group again.
We went to bowling.
Around 2pm,had a lunch at "好味" restaurant.
Then,they collect their luggage from theme park hotel.
Rushed to the bus stop because we're late!
I was try to delay the time,because Maozai them haven't arrived!
Fortunately,we're just in the time to catch the bus.

Said goodbye to genting!
Reached Kl sentral and changed to KTM .

At night,yumcha session at"大家乐"with IMP group.
Egg's mouth become a sausage because she ate a "Super spicy sausage".
My cousin sister overnight at my home.

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