Monday, April 5, 2010

★Good News!★

Yeah!!Great News!Great News!!
Congratulations to myself!
I've passed my undang test on Saturday:)
I got 45 question correct out of 50 questions,
higher than Eewaka lohx :P

I'm very excited and felt relaxed now!
Surprise right??because I felt surprise too..haha
Before that day,I did revision and read finished the undang exercise until midnight.
because I'm really very worried and afraid about the test.
no money recently.sudah nak "pok gai~"=="

At the same time,my friend who went for the test together with me,
got a person passed and a person failed.
Gambateh at the next time lah,babe^^

After that,went to Balakong Jusco met my buddies them.
I told them I passed already.
They all doubt what I said.
especially EEWAKA aka Christine Lim!
Soooo bad lohx!

Watched the Clash Of The Titans.

Bought the ticket at the last minute.
Luckily still got seat.^^

Finished movie,yumcha session at gasonline.
Eewaka,Jessie and Maozai back home early.
Only left Fish,Nick,Tikus,TikTik,Egg and me.
Fetch by Tiktik.

Fish and I taught the tikus how to pass the undang test.

because he was failed 2 times already.wahahaha...

chit-chated at there.
back home around 11pm.
Had a great day in this day:)

3rd April 2010,by Kmaey

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