Thursday, April 15, 2010

★Volleyball & class photo★

Let me talks about volleyball competition about last week at my school.(5th til 8th April 2010)
Many volleyball team with different school will be come our school and competition every year.In this few days, my school became very lively,because many SK's students ponteng class to watch the competition.including me,teehee!In addition to support our school team,and we were going to see whether have any handsome boys!

Under boy of 18 years old.

All students ponteng class and watched the volleyball finals.
We're support SK team!
However,some guys maybe eat a wrong medicine and kakacaucau at there.
damn childish lohx!!

Congratulations to SK's team get the good result again!!
Boy under18 years old-champion.
Boy under 15 years old-champion.
Girl under 18years old-champion.
Girl under 15 years old-third place.

Girl,under 18 years old.
Monday &Tuesday, 12th&13th April 2010.
Class photo shooting.Yup,this is my last year to taken a class photo in my school also.

class of 5 Lili 1.

Free style.

Seni and kraf group photo.
(Actually,more than half of the students are not members.)

Please ignore my panda eyes,actually this photo is very nice!haha!
taken by Xiang Zhi.

some photos copy from facebook.

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Anonymous said...

Dear All


There will be a volleyball competition.its on the 18th 2010 and the venue is at University Malaya @ 8am till 6pm. Keep the date free. Do drop me a msg if you have any question regarding the competition.I can send you the registration form and the rules & regulation. Hoping to hear frm you all soonz!!!