Wednesday, February 24, 2010

★Valentine day @skul★

Before Valentine's day,
each organization will sell about Valentine's present for earn money.
including Seni dan Kraf.

Thursday 11th Feb 2010
After break time,I skipped class and go to find Yleng and Micky them.
because they were doing those handmade rose for the Valentine quiet.
They very busy now..Hehe..

Yleng,the leader.very Xian de lohx..haha

A lot of love letter just in front of us.
Yer~hao rou mar Lohx..." I went to help them. Actually I nothing to do,just gossip with them.^^
Kacau mereka.

See,niceeee?I love it...

Kmaey and Egg.

Micky...the most of pretty woman.

we move to field and continuous...

Weilin and Micky.

Sharn and Yleng

Sharn and Egg

Finally,I got something to do.

We arrange the rose in the different class.

Too hot!I'm sweating and my face became a red red apple.

My ji mui~

After that,we hold the flower basket and go to different class to spend those roses.
Many girls very shy when they get the rose from guys.

Under the hot sun,I'm sick already...

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