Wednesday, February 3, 2010

★My sweetie,Eewaka's birthday★

Actually her seventeen years old birthday on 25/1/10,
but she want celebrated with her B on that day.
So,we decided to celebrated her birthday on saturday,23th Jan 2009.

Actually,we was troubled about her birthday about within 2 week ago.
Brain juice squeezing!especially her present.
cause she was born in rich family and her life very satisfied, anythings also easy to get it if she want..really..
One other reason is we has been two years didn't celebrate her birthday already.
Last year her birthday was met up with CNY's eve.

We think she must care nothing for famous brand.
So,we decided to buy a surprise present for her.--HAMSTER!
Hamsters are prefect first pets for youngsters We hope that she won't feel lonely when she was alone at her house.

On her birthday two days before,
I went to bought two lil hamster and take care it for 2 days.
This two short two days,I love them deeply..
because they are lovable and small.very cuteeeeee....

Omg..let me talked my topic now...

Saturday 23th Jan 2009
In the afternoon,my daddy a.k.a Wilson fetch us first.
Then,gather at Tik Tik house before going.

TikTik,Tikus,Tongdee,fish,sharn,maozai and me....
We planned to lie Eewaka about this party delay until to next Saturday or changed to restaurant closer to celebrate her birthday cause we no transport to go.
However,she no response when she knew this bad news.Sigh==

Started headed to eewaka's house
Reached there around 7.00pm.

Prepared before rush to her bedroom.
All Done..

Then,we moved to her bedroom and straight open the door. "Miao~miao"
She still was wearing her sexy pajamas and online.Sui yor..
haha.. She dressed up quickly.

We were waiting for her..
Afterward,we suggested to go Restaurant Shabu Shabu .
Then since everyone alright with the plan.

Reached there spent about one hour,
because we go the wrong way.Sigh!

Started to enjoyed our supper.

Huh~A lot of delicious food... Yummy yummy....
I ate so much..until my stomach tak boleh tahan.... Sorry no make up today..because I'm lazy and my eyes became red red AGAIN! HAIZ..........

Second around,Mewah Club at Kajang.
Before that,we went to Eewaka's house to brought the birthday cake first
[Sharn forgot to bring the cake before go to the shabu shabu.]
We talked about ghost's story on the way.
The scenery is very nice...damn romantic^^

Make a wish...

That all,had a nice day.....
Lastly,Happy birthday to Eewaka.


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