Friday, February 26, 2010

★6th Feb 2010 Party★

Outdated post, Saturday 6th Feb 2010
My cousin brother twenty years old birthday party .

Just a simple celebration at grandma house.
Firstly,fill my stomach with delicious food.
All taste good but just the hotdog is too bad.
Nothing much to talking about
Last but not least,Happy 20th Birthday Bro Liong.

May your dream come true and all the best to you.^^

Sister and me back to Serdang early and join Alex's dad annual party at their house.

Wuhaoo,they got invited DJ.

There became a nightclub at the time
[just the place more brighter XD]
All guys enjoy beers! I became the photographer on that day. shoot until non-stop.

Egg,why your face become like this..

Zefent,obviously drunk!

Rocky and Me.
no make up today,very ugly lohx....

sweet couple.^^

My sister and his boyfriend.


Finally,Carlsberg finished already

So,Hennesy was coming!
Jun Kong,He'd drunk too much!
When he tried to stand up,he keeled over.

Finally,yeong and Carmen them fetch him back home first.
Haha..very funny.
Midnight,karaoke in their house.
Back home around 2am

Party goes smooth.
I did enjoy in this day.sweet ya.!

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