Sunday, February 5, 2012

My simple X'mas Eve

As we all know that year-end school holidays have always been a popular travel period for friends and families.Each year my friends and I will plan to travel together during the year end school holidays.But this time,it seems like plan to travel is a very difficult thing for us after graduated because
everyone's semester break is not the same.It was our six year of celebrating Christmas together.
We decided to BBQ at Chui Sharn's house on Xmas Eve.Basically each of us has to prepare a gift which is very creative and not more than RM5.Christine ffk in last min!!
I lost my appetite even though a lot of delicious food just in front of me.I'm not feeling well that night.
it's finally 12am!!Merry Christmas!!!!!Hoho!!
It's time to exchange X'mas present.This seems like a really SCARY session!Guess what xmas present I bought???
The answer is......LUX shampoo!! Hahas!RM3.50 only!!so cheap and useful on our daily life right??
One for the present which made us crazy and laugh non-stop!!发糕(合家平安).
Bought by Rocky Cheong and the lucky people,Lee Yeng got it!!
The next lucky people is Chew Yong...he got the Toilet brush!!Congtraz to him!!!
sheryl chin,Yusheng,Nick & Tik
fuitheng,Jessie,Egg Yeng & Kmaey
Chew Yong,Yuhang,Chuisharn's sis,ChuiSharn & Rocky
Best friends forever ;)I had a great night with them!!


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