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@dd Magazine audition's of 2010

<<@dd Magazine audition's of 2010>>
Location: 6th Floor
Time: 4th September 2010

I'm so sorry for a very belated post.This activity about 3 moths ago.I am sure you should guessing,why I want to write this post about long time ago?The most important is I was hoping my Form 5's life can be write down,so that as long as people read this post,the memories will last forever.Furthermore,I graduated in @dd magazine in this year.So I appear in this magazine's opportunity extremely rare.If I do not write down,I afraid I will regret it in someday.

Let's me described the audition's process now!♥♥
William came and fetch us in the early morning about 7-8am.Then the Etude house's make up artist stated help all @ddol to make up.At the same time,Ering magazine's staff also came and do so record.

The screen of that day.

Very full of our posters on the wall!

Free magazine too on that day.

I quickly got my form's counter ready for the expected influx of boys and girls.Right on the dot of 11,the people entered,I greeted all of them warmly!Many young boys and girl approached me and take photos with me too!All @ddol's looked like be a star for that day=)

That day's process all the best.I was very busy to prepare those form.It was non-stop action at the counter as more as people come in.Of course no activities complete without food,so william bought Mcd for our lunch.take photos time!

Take photo with @ddol time!

My best friend a.k.a @ddol eewaka.

@ddol Kyan.

@ddol niki

@ddol Pkay.

@ddol Vic Guan.

@ddol Hwang.

Kyan,me and eewaka.

Pkay,me and eewaka.

KahHui,Y 环 and Kyan. =="

Guan,me and Hwang.They looked prince style on that day lorhx!

My school's friend=)

Took photos with a lot of @dder too,but those photos I didn't get it( I hope that day if you got took photos with me could share with me ya!)

@ddol's niki made a small cake for add!

All addol started sign our poster.


Solo solo :P

I drew little a symbol of love behind my signature.I like it!!

We finally finished work at 5pm.We cleared up the place and had dinner with them.I thoroughlu enjoyed the dinner with them.

The last photo!@ddol+ @dditors,william and esther!I knew a lot of new friends who were come from different place and met a lot of school's friends.

So that the @add magazine's audition was increasing our friendship.

Before the end this post,I recommended this activity posted at @dd magazine vol.6

If you want to order or buy overdue @dd magazine,you could print the form and
send to this address --》
No.317, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


只需多付RM1的邮费,就可每个月在家等@dd自动送上门了。填妥订购表格(在这里,还有@dd杂志目录Pg4,又或是@dd FB Page的Photo里找得到),并连同足够的Wang Pos放进信封内,寄至以下地址......

No.317, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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