Sunday, November 28, 2010

16 days left! ♥

16 days left!
Math paper tomorrow.Hope I can get A+ again!After finished this post,I will start revision and offline.

Then Tuesday-Moral paper
I left a few more values to memorize.
Arhh!!These few days looked like has been holiday for me

Friday, additor william & esther and other @ddol came Serdang and find us to eat dinner at Hoi TONG.
Seriously,William is hard to bully him.
He kissed KH and violent him in the public place.Wuahaha!

I had a great day with them on that night .
Well,Although I am no longer a model for their company, but I am very grateful for their care and concern.They added a lot of fun in my last year of secondary life.

Yesterday night,yum cha session wif elzen and tik tik them at mamak.
Sigh!I felt that I had wasted a lot of time!!

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Mikko said...

Good Luck! =D
William very geng one~hahaha