Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wedding dinner ♥

I attended my friend's sister wedding dinner at 喜來登,Serdang on 9th September 2010.My sister and I made a curly hairstyle at a saloon where near my house.We're too late,we went home around 6.45pn.Sister and I make up rushing like mad cause they're waiting for us.(Simple make up in this night,)

Unfortunately,my sight was blocked by the wall.So that I unable to see the wedding stage and the bride and bridegroom.We took a lot of pictures on that day.

The decorations of the ballroom were so romantic.

Egg ,Phoebe,and me

Egg and me.

Carmen and me.

The handsome guy,Rocky cheong.

Yeong and Me.

AKin! I appreciated her beauty and kindness.Love her so muchie!

Shaoyer and me.

Iyen,my sister and me.

The last group picture,<3>

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It to me is boring.