Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Freelancer's life in March.

I was working part time freelancer to earn my pocket money in March.I enjoy work for freelancer because I could meet a lot of different friends,learn about the society and have more freedom to choose my work schedule.The experience can also lead to a broad portfolio of work and the establishment of a network of clients.I received a lot of  card in different business too during work time.Many people surprised when I tell them I just 18 years old=)

The most of the I like,Showgirl of Castrol at Sunway Hotel Resort.Eight of the showgirl  just stood beside the VIP at the stage for 15 minutes then we could earn rm150,means RM10/per MIN!However I felt very awkward in this day,cause I went to wrong place for work edy=(

Promoter for Tunetalk at Job Fair,PTWC.(25th-27th March 2011).
Me,I'm Kmaey.

Three of Kmaey. work with fun!!

Promoter for Hisense at Perfect Livin,PTWC(30th -3rd April 2011)!
Xtin work for the first day only=)

I love her hair so much,she very pretty,Jasnee,work at Panasonic.
Team of Hisence.Enjoying work with them=)

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