Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Roving Team-Mint Magazine ♥

13th &14th April 2011,I followed Mint Magazine's staff for the roving team arrived a few of colleges.We're represented mint magazine to promote HTC smart phone,Esprit watch and 17 saloon.So,you will see that we wear a white uniform for 17 saloon restaurant and Esprit watch,a car for Mint magazine.I will share some photos about these two days.

Thr first destination,KBU Bandar Utama.We need to collect data and help them to take photos.

The second desitination- Segi College (Kota Damansara).We stayed there around 30min cause the hot weather.The sunlight was so intense in that place and I tanned in one day.OMG!!!!

In the next morning,we're heading to Inti College.Nice to meet a new friend,Ainy.She is a Nyx's replcament on this day.Enjoyed with Inti's students cause they're very friendly,
Suphie,Ainy,Kmaey and Jeannie 
1...2...3.....Chik Cha
I was hardworking through these photos you could see that 
I was happy cause they know who I am
Teatime @ Asia Cafe.

After brunch,we're moved to Taylor college.

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