Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interview Flight Attentant for air asia again.

29th March 2011,It's my second time stepped into Sepang academy for interview flight attendant.I got the message for Job Fair @PWTC.Before that day,I prepared my copy-IC,SPM result,cert,photo of the full body and passport,I awakened that morning around 6am.I made up pretty,dress in a formal and high heels.

I arrived at my destination about 8.00am.Thanks my daddy accompanied me to go there.Luckily,I met a new friend when I waiting alone,called 美善.She came from Pinang if  I not made mistaken.
The scene of that day

At the first around,we must took off own shoes and measure the height and weight.I felt that the measure height lacks exact because I just get 161cm and 43kg.
After that,we passed up the form and take a number.And then,we were invited to a room for cat walk and speaking.I failed in the final round and I don't what are the reason.They just said that"I'm so sorry about that you're failed,welcome to interview flight attendant again in the next time ."
 After that,I went for interview the work for HTC at Jaya one.I forgot the name of this cafe,but I love the environment,very sweet and romantic=)
The pretty girl I love,Jeannie
The next round,we moved to Friday at The gardens for yumcha session.They shared to me a lot of freelancer's life.Yea,I get a lot of experienced from them.

Nice to meet them.Jeannie,Yumi,Grane=)


坏小子 said...

after catwalk then they said u failed? u din ask why ?

Anonymous said...

cos your english is bad, how could a flight attendant not speak good english to communicate with the passengers

Benny&Fion said...

That cafe called Bee's Cafe.

Anonymous said...

may i know how tall u r ?

Anonymous said...

haha... Dream on....