Thursday, April 7, 2011


3rd April 2011(Sunday),additor Esther,@ddol Vic Guan,Stephy,Kyan and me attended the jury of the 終極天王 .Thanks to Esther willing to fetch me at PTWC after I knock off.We reached Shah Alam around 7.30pm.

Snapped pictures with @dd's family before the show start.
 Esther,Kyan,Stephy and me.Because the seat is not enough,Vic Guan volunteered sat at outside waiting for us.

The purple page is vote for contestants.
Another orange page is vote for 踢馆者.
Stephy and Kmaey.
Vic Guan,Esther and Kyan.
The competition ended around 10.00pm.After that,we went for 驰名的美味南瓜粥 at cheras.

Stephy and Kyan.

Esther and Kmaey.

Vic Guan 勇源.


lovemiky 宝贝杰 said...

the Steamboat at menjalara rigth?

Qiing ♡ said...

在电视看"终极天王"现场直播,我隐隐约约看到你`但是不确定是不是..结果真的是你 xDD