Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Badmintion and Movie session.

10th April 2011,I had a badminton session with Esther,Vic Guan,Henry,Yahuan at Bukit Serdang.I fetch Henry at Serdang Ktm in the morning and waiting for esther them at my home.I enjoyed with them when we made a competition.Henry and Yahuan VS Vic guan and Kmaey.Its so fun but finally we're lost (11/10) because of Vic Guan is not serious when the game was started.

Took some pictures when I was resting.
Vic Guan and Henry.
 Yahuan and Esther.
Its so nice badminton session like this and we should have more of these together.I promise myself should do more exercise to recover my healthy body.Felt so healthy after playing badminton,but I realized sharp pain in my pelvic bone.

After that,they came to my home bath ahead as we need to prepare for movie session at Times square.We had a dinner at Kim Gary@Times Square.
 Vic Guan.
 Esther and Vic Guan.Before go in the cinema.
Vic Guan always be my camera model.
 Kmaey and Esther.Esther looks so cute!
 Kmaey and Vic Guan.
 Kmaey and Yahuan.

We watched Source code around 7.30pm.According to the information from internet,Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a decorated army helicopter pilot whose last memory is of his recent mission in Afghanistan, flying with his team while taking on enemy gunfire...(read more).Its movie touched but I was not concentrated in this movie cause my body still very pain .

After that,we watched the second movie,Dilarang masuk.It was my first time watched Melayu movie and it not bad.A movie about a few of friends are lost while jungle-trekking through the foggy hills.They stayed at bungalow in the middle for nowhere.Well,they're forced to seek shelter for the night.

Had a yumcha session after finished movie at Cheras.Had a nice day with them.The newest Add magazine is coming soon.Remember support it!

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