Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movida Bar Lounge,1st Anniversary Party♥

Its time for some updates about Movida Bar Lounge 1st anniversary party @Sunway Giza Mall held a free flow beer and food event conjunction for 1st anniversary year.It was by invitation,as in there's an invitational card prepared beforehand.Thanks Jeannie's friend for passed the card to me;)I had waited and prepared at Jeannie house after knock off.

We're late arrived the Sunway Giza arond after 9.30pm cause we're being blocked by police when on the way to destination.I met a lot of new friends on that night,it really great to meet them.Movida had sealed off hte area,and food served buffet style.The food was great It crowed and hard to get the food.Beside that,the performance began.Regretfully,I didn't take any photo cause I didn't bring my camera to go there.T.T.All the photos copy from Facebook.
The guys.
Kodori and Kmaey.
CKS and me !
Kmaey,Jeannie,Grace,and yumi.

After that,we moved to Zouk for second round and nice to meet Vanessa.


Sam Wong said... enjoy...Next time invite me also..!! Tomolo I go Mist ..U have go any club? hehe...

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