Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Port Dickson-First day

Port Dickson Trip
Members: Kmaey,Xtin,Jessie,Chui Sharn,Theng,Tik Tik,Nick,Elzen,Rocky and Yie Hang.
Date:24th,25th,26th December on 2010.(3 days 2 nights,Christmas season)

Venue: Thistle hotel.KM16 Jalan Pantai, Teluk Kemang, 71050 Si Rusa,Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan,Malaysia
Phone: +606 648 2828 /
Fax: +606 662 7999 / 
Website: http://www.thistle.com/hotels/malaysia/port_dickson/thistle_port_dickson/index.html

Is time to blog about my Port Dickson trip when I have the great mood right now!I delayed this posts for 3 months edy!!The purpose of the trip is to celebrate we're finally graduated and finished SPM.(Tomorrow the spm result is coming out!I need to blog ASAP before I get the result).

I suggested to all my friends about the Thistle Port Dickson Hotel is the great tourist destination  if you're interesting have a trip at Pd.The sea and beach is very clean,have a large swimming pool and the rooms are very luxurious.The price is not very expensive too!(But I actually forgot about the price,ahaha!!)

Back to my topic now,here comes the first part.Hope guys enjoy it,happy reading(Don't keep laugh when find my wrong grammar,thanks a lot ♥)We started off around 10am.Said thanks to the GPS MAN led us arrived the place.♥♥
Unlucky,it's was a heavy raining when we on the way to Port Dickson.We stopped aside and packed luggage. 
A pretty girl in the car,Kmaey.XD 
It was almost noon when we arrived on the Port Dickson.Finally we reached,Thistle Hotel!! 
We took a lot of pictures when Xtin help us to check in,we're excited!!
Group picture♥
Leng Luuiii in the toilet!(Starting lazy to talk nonsense....Hmm)
Swimming pool!
Sharn,Kmaey and Egg.

The view of the room ♥
 We played and enjoyed in the room ♥
We cooked maggie for our lunch before we jumped into the swimming pool.
Chui Sharn and Jessie.Looked so sweet ya babeh!
喂自己一样好HANG FUK
Prepared went for swimming!No make up and lens.
After swimming,we looked for the sunset at the beautiful beach.

Night session,steamboat in the hotel for celebrate the Christmas eve!(Don't follow us make a steamboat in the hotel,actually it not allowed)

What are the guys doing???He repaired the toilet!OMG!

The sohxi ppl,Xtin Lim.
We didn't took photos with the guys in the night,cause they're went to the club and didn't inform us! I drunk again when I touched the alcohol.

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