Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Garmin,expo ♥

Truly,I work at Nokia of promoter for the first two days and the last day I changed to Garmin of showgirl.In these short three days, I met a lot of new young friends,manager,model.They are very enthusiasm.Well,I enjoyed my work time with my partners.I was hoping we can meet again=)

Besides that,I felt honor and I want to thank those my readers who were  and took photos with me.A few of  people approached me and asked about for"Are you Kmaey?","Are you K-mi"  or "Are you Ki-Mi".I think most of the people should not know what the pronunciation of my nickname.In fact,I also don't know how to pronounce my correct name,haha!!But,I prefer pronunciation of my name is [K-May].

Back to my topic,took a lot of picture with showgirl.
She is one of the showgirl I love,called Kar Mun.
Alexis,Kmaey,Kar Mun and Yumi.
The sexy showgirl of that day,Serene=)
GARMIN,PC EXPO 4/3-6/3/11
I had share this photo in my Facebook page,many people answer wrong which one is me.Really hard to answer???

Agnes Lim(left two)!! My new idol currently,love her simile,love her attitude,I  everything about her♥I super hoping I could work with her together in the future.=P Could I??


victor from garmin said...

where is me?
T.T sobsob

linda_law said...

嗨,我是munye ,请问下你怎样找到part time job ?可以介绍我么?
this is my facebook email

谢谢 =] 请 回 我 哦