Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maison night 260111

Hello peeps!It's 1.32am edy!Here updating about the night @ Maison on 26th February 2011.Its my first time stepped into Maison.Unfortunately,I blocked by staff cause I haven't pass my birthday.I borrowed my friend's IC and try in again,hahas!It worked!;P

The music was great and the place was very crowd.It's fun chilling time with my friends.However,I just drinking a few shots then I'm drunk edy.Memories of those few hours on that night turned into 30min only in my mind.
Oooppsss,this photo looked like very mature+old.
The birthday girl,San=)She getting pretty and sexy=)

Sexy back??

Thanks to my peeps who took care of me on that day.


Anonymous said...

u so pretty!~

Shanen Mah said...

the lens shop can be trust? ^^